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Welcome to TeamBSC Triathlon!

Aloha! I’m Michelle Simmons. They call me Queen BSC! I’m not really batshit crazy, but I have been pretty passionate about all things triathlon for a very long time.

When I started coaching, some of my athletes thought I was a little crazy with the types of training sessions I prescribed, but really I was just teaching them that they are stronger than they thought!

More About Me

Recent Team Accomplishments

In the last 8 years, TeamBSC has coached athletes to over 120x Ironman finishes.

71 of those have been lifetime PRs and 18 have been Kona qualifying!

TeamBSC athletes have crossed 70.3 finish lines over 200x.

We’ve put athletes on local podiums over 300 times, often on the very top step!

Our athletes have run back to back marathons, qualified for Boston, finished (and won!) 100 mile Ultra-runs.

We’ve raced 10k swims, crossed major channels in the ocean, time-trailed on our bikes, and raced the XTerra World Championships in Maui.

While we support our communities by actively participating locally, we also travel world wide to pursue our passions! In 2020 many of us stayed home and participated with Virtual races via the Ironman Virtual Club as well as on Zwift.

At TeamBSC, multi-sport is a lifestyle and we do it all. What’s your next goal?

Our Coaching Philosophy

What do we believe?

~You are stronger than you think.

~Training frequently and consistently is more beneficial than training BIG.

~Regular open and honest communication between coach and athlete is key. As coaches, we genuinely want help you, but we need your feedback! We have many skills but mind reading is not one of them.

~Endurance athletes need a huge amount of aerobic fitness and specific strength. Speed plays a very small role in long events.

coach michelle and nalani
~Heart rate is a good indicator of both stress and aerobic fitness. If you have to go very slowly to keep your HR in an aerobic range, it means you’re not as fit as you could be.

It takes patience and persistence to fix this, but it can be fixed.

~More is more, until it’s not. Each athlete has his/her own limits here (and they’re probably further out than you think). As coaches, we like to help you find and explore the edge of your own cliff (without falling off of it!)

~Swim training is commonly undervalued. There are big benefits to starting your race day feeling confident about your competence in the water.

~The most successful athletes set up their lives in such a way as to facilitate time for not just the training sessions but active recovery as well.

~The fittest athletes recover the fastest, and therefore can train harder more often. Get really fit before you train hard.

~Spending time working on mobility allows your body to function optimally.

~A diet rich in real foods (mostly plants!) will enhance health and recovery.

~Part of the role of the coach is to help the athlete see his/her own potential. Once an athlete believes, doors are wide open for high achievement!

~Triathlon is an individual sport, but a sense of ‘team’ enhances the whole experience. Surround yourself with other people who Love It!

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