About TeamBSC Triathlon

TeamBSC Beliefs

~Training consistently and frequently is more beneficial than training BIG.

~Regular open & honest communication between coach and athlete is key. As your coach, I genuinely want help you, but I am not a mind reader. There is no such thing as too much communication between coach and athlete.

~Long-distance athletes need a huge amount of functional endurance and specific strength. Speed plays a small role in long events.

~Heart rate is a good indicator of both stress and aerobic fitness level. If you have to go very slowly to keep your HR in an aerobic range, it means you’re not as fit as you could be. It takes patience and persistence to fix this, but it can be fixed.

~More is more, until it’s not. Each athlete has his/her own limits here (and they’re probably further out than you think). As coaches, we like to help you find and explore the edge of your own cliff (without falling off of it!)

~Swim training is undervalued by many. The benefits of starting your race day with a strong confident swim are big.

~The most successful athletes set up their lives in such a way as to facilitate time for not just the training sessions but active recovery as well.

~The fittest athletes recover the fastest, and can therefore train harder more often. Get really fit before you train hard.

~Spending time working on mobility will help keep your body functioning optimally.

~A diet rich in real foods (mostly plants!) will enhance health and recovery.

~Part of the role of the coach is to help the athlete see his/her own potential. Once the athlete believes, doors are open for high achievement!

~Triathlon is an individual sport, but a sense of ‘team’ enhances the whole experience. Surround yourself with other people who Love It!