Coach Taryn

A lifelong swimmer with an endurance running background, I jumped into triathlon in 2010 while cross-training for a marathon. It took a sprint tri around Tempe Town Lake to foster an instant-passion for the sport.

In the past 6 years, I’ve worked my way through five Ironman finishes and podium finishes at the Olympic and 70.3 distances.

Since joining TeamBSC as an athlete in 2014, and as a coach in 2016, I’ve further developed knowledge and skill within the sport while maintaining my love of all things swim, bike, and run.


As a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 coach and USMS Level 2 swim coach, I am dedicated to helping athletes of all experience levels reach their personal goals.

I am also pursuing a degree in dietetics with a special interest in sports nutrition. With this on-going education, I am prepared to guide athletes toward attaining year-round weight management, healthfully and effectively fueling inside and outside of training, and refining race-day nutrition. 

As a dietetics student, Masters coach, business owner, and military spouse, I understand how to balance multi-sport training and working toward big goals alongside the demands of professional and personal life and am driven to push my athletes toward finding this balance while accomplishing your training and race day goals.

​When I started training with Taryn, I was a total beginner to both swimming and cycling. She created an individualized training plan for me that got me to my first sprint triathlon finish line in less than two months. Every week, she customized the workouts to develop my skillset and build on the week before. Whether it was working on my endurance in the water or my cadence on the bike, I knew that I was maximizing my time with each one of Taryn’s workouts and learning a lot in the process. Despite poor weather conditions on race day, I had a great race and exceeded my expectations. I credit Taryn with preparing me and helping me overcome many beginner fears and worries.

As someone who enjoys understanding the process, I love that Taryn is a wealth of information about all aspects of the sport, both from personal experience and from her studies to be a registered dietitian. She follows up with me and sends me feedback after each one of my workouts, which opens a dialogue on what went well, what didn’t, and what we should think about next. In addition to the actual physical activity of the workout, she helps me analyze my nutrition before, during, and after the workout. And apart from workouts, she also sends me articles and videos to help me appreciate a particular topic or idea. Taryn is extremely easy to communicate with and gives time and thought to even the most mundane of my questions.
I never thought that I could complete a triathlon, and I’m convinced that without Taryn’s guidance and support, it would have been a much, much more difficult road for me. Her positive energy and love for the sport is infectious.

Katya G.

​Taryn has proven to have the technical skills a coach needs – the background, experience and knowledge necessary to design an effective training plan, improve form and prepare athletes like me to reach their goals. She consistently educates me, responds to my questions and shares articles, videos and feedback that contribute to my progress. She adapts each week’s workouts to balance my personal schedule, athletic strengths, weaknesses and overall goals. She is extremely knowledgeable in many areas from race planning to swim technique to nutrition.

However, what differentiates excellent coaches from the rest are softer skills inherent in those who can lead, inspire and influence. Coaches like Taryn have these personality attributes. She is well known in our local triathlon and running community for her unwavering positivity, dedication to the sport and willingness to help others.

Jessica M.